New article: Daniel Boone's station camp
Recent information I've found while doing research on a new book about the Wilderness Road (still working on it) has conclusively located Daniel Boone's 1769 "Station Camp"—and it's not where we thought it was. Read more...

Electronic edition only!
Three Springs and a Wilderness Station
by Jeff Renner

Containing new, never-before-published information, this book deals with the early history of Rockcastle County and Mt. Vernon. Research from land and court records, and especially from a number of lawsuits—civil and criminal—allows us a much more detailed and complete picture of the formative years of the area.

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Renner, Runner, Lauffer DNA Project

Tax Lists on DVD
You can now get digitized tax lists for Pulaski, Knox, Laurel, Lincoln, and Rockcastle Counties, plus Birth, Marriage, and Death records (1852-1859, 1874-1878) for Pulaski and Rockcastle.

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Skeggs Creek Tax List Database
A searchable database for persons who owned land on the Skeggs Creek watershed, 1788-1835.

Baker DNA Study
Descendants of Andrew Baker (b. 1765) and John Baker (b. 1788) are still being sought to take part in the Baker DNA Study.

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Boone's station camp article

Three Springs and a Wilderness Station now available.

• Update to the Tax List Database (now over 1,700 entries)
• Skeggs Creek watershed map

Results from the Renner, Runner, Lauffer DNA Project, showing a relationship between the Renners and Runners

• Biography of Andrew Baker

• Updated membership and info for the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church