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18th-century German-script writing of Renner, Runner, and Lauffer

UPDATE: Jacob Renner of Rockcastle County, KY, and Adam Runner of Warren County, KY, are related, according to the DNA tests! Click here for details.

Announcing a DNA study for the Renner, Runner, and Lauffer families across the United States and Europe!

If you are a male with the surname Renner, Runner, or Lauffer, you are invited and encouraged to join the DNA project to expand our knowledge of these families and their potential connections in the U.S., Germany, and other European countries.

The study, which is being hosted by FamilyTree DNA and administered by Jeffrey Runner, needs more participants to yield productive results. Details, results, and information on joining can be found on the Official Project Site.

Having taken part in the testing for this project and serving as an administrator of the Baker DNA Study, I can attest to both the ease of the process and value of the tests. The test kits are self-explanatory the sample-taking process is very simple, non-intrusive, and painless. If you have questions about participating, please feel free to email me (Jeff Renner).

In particular, descendants of some of the earlier Renners to arrive in America, including Valentine Renner of PA and George Renner of VA, are also encouraged to join. And, of course, it would be very helpful to get participants from these surname families who still live in Germany or elsewhere.

Again, if you are a male Renner, Runner, or Lauffer, or if you know someone who is, please consider joining this project.