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Three Springs and a Wilderness Station
by Jeff Renner

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From the back cover:

A Farmer. A Longhunter. A Tory.

When Kentucky became the 15th state in the Union in 1792 the region encompassing future Rockcastle County was yet an untamed and unsettled hinterland. That same year, a middle-aged man, his son and daughter-in-law—along with his girlfriend and her slaves, Sam and Charity—struck out into the wilderness with the impracticable notion of establishing a frontier station. The chosen spot was in a fertile valley cove, well-fed by springs. That no road led to their enterprise would prove to be only a minor obstacle—they would simply build one.

Their success is evidenced today by the existence of Mount Vernon, the only town in the Wilderness which began life as a pioneer station.

The story of early Mount Vernon and Rockcastle County is the drama and tragedy of Stephen Langford and his family, and of his business partners, Valentine Harmon and William Henderson (and many others). It’s a saga of bravery, perserverence, talent and fortune—and one of abuse, broken promises, death and deception.