Skeggs Creek Tax List Database Search

While we can never replace the deeds lost in the 1873 courthouse fire, this data, along with the soon-to-come grant map, will help fill the gap.

This database contains primarily only people who paid taxes on land on or near the Skeggs Creek watershed, although there are some entries for individuals who lived on/near the watershed but who didn't have land. (See Note 2, below.)

Use the fields below to search the tax list database (more than 1,700 entries) on this site. Please read the "Notes" section below the search box before using the database.

Skeggs Creek Tax List Database Search
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Notes and explanations:
1. All data prior to 1811 are from the Lincoln County tax lists; from 1811, data are from the Rockcastle tax lists.
2. Spelling of names has been "corrected/standardized" where possible (e.g., Nocks, Nox are spelled Knox, and etc.).
3. Unless noted, all watercourses are Skeggs Creek. Especially on the earlier lists it's possible some lands are on Roundstone or the Rockcastle River, as land on Skeggs (or Scaggses, as it was commonly listed) was usually listed as being on the Rockcastle. Similarly, some individuals without land on the early lists may not have lived on Skeggs. Keep in mind also that a person with land on Skeggs may not have lived on that property. This is especially true for the early, large grants (i.e., Jacob Myers, James Knox, etc.), as much land was granted to speculators.
4. The only required field is "Last Name" unless you check the "View All Records" box. Searching by year takes precedence over a name search, so if you are searching for a person, be sure the "Choose a year" box is set to "-------" and not to a particular year.
5. "Taxable" is the person whose name appears in the list. "Entered" is the person who started the warrant paperwork. "Surveyed" is the person who had the land surveyed. "Granted" is the person in whose name the completed patent was issued. In some cases there are names in the "Granted" column when the process wasn't actually completed.
6. The grant information is available from 1796 until 1835. But after about 1815, the information for "Surveyed" and "Granted," and, to a lesser degree, "Entered" is increasingly inaccurate. It's so demonstrably bad by 1821 that I have only included the latter in the database, with a few exceptions. Keep this in mind when looking at those later records.
7. Some year's lists are better than others, in both readability and quality of the data. 1829 is especially poor in both regards. Tax lists do not exist for 1798, 1810, 1818, 1823, 1832, and 1833. The list for 1813 is mostly illegible.
8. Some of the larger grants were on multiple watercourses and their designations in the tax lists varied.