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Baker DNA Study--Help Wanted!

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Are you descendant of Andrew Baker who was born in 1765 and died in 1842 in Laurel County, KY, or of John Baker, born about 1788, died after 1850 in Rockcastle County? If you are, or know someone who is, you could help place this important line within the larger Baker family by taking part in the on-going Baker DNA Study.

The requirements to participate are pretty simple:

1. You must be a male Baker and be as sure as you can be that your line consists of only male Bakers.

2. You must descend from one of suspected Baker sons listed below or one who you can connect as his son.

We're not sure who John Baker's (b. 1788) father was nor where he fits in the Baker genealogy. He lived next to John Renner on lower Skeggs Creek.

If you have any questions about the Baker DNA Study, would like more details on the testing process, or would like to participate, please email me.

Thanks for your time,

Jeff Renner

Andrew Baker's sons

John Baker's sons

• Joel Baker--born about 1789 in NC, married Elizabeth Davis, died in the early 1850s in Rockcastle County

• Larkin Baker--born about 1795 in NC, married Elizabeth Brush, died about 1851 in IN

• Andrew Baker--born 13 Oct 1802 in NC or TN, married Lydia Davis, died 4 Feb 1871 in Rockcastle County

• James Baker--born about 1804, married Nancy Camper

• Smith Baker--born about 1818 in Pulaski County, married Nancy Trosper, died about 1863 in Rockcastle County

• Jesse P. Baker--born about 1819 in Pulaski County, married Elizabeth Barnett, died after 1860 probably in MO

• John Bolin Baker--born about 1824 in Laurel County, married Catherine Trosper, died in 1879 in Laurel County

• Isaac P. Baker--born about 1811 in TN, married Lucy in the early 1840s

• Joseph C. Baker--born about 1824 in Rockcastle, married Phoebe McClure, died after 1890, probably buried in the Whitaker-McClure Cemetery

• Andrew J. Baker--born about 1833 in Rockcastle, married Matilda Shiplet in 1852, died 16 Sep 1857

There may be more sons of John (probably there were).