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DNA Tests Confirm Relationship Between Renners and Runners

According to the results from the DNA testing as part of the Renner/Runner/Lauffer Project, Jacob Renner and Adam Runner Jr were related.

The test subjects were myself (from the Jacob Renner line) and a descendant of Adam Runner Jr, son of Adam Renner/Runner of Montgomery/Wythe County, VA. I will be adding more information on Adam Sr to this site a little later.

The Renner and Runner lines match exactly on 24 of 25 tested markers. The lone mismatch is on one of the demonstrated faster-changing markers, a situation we've seen several times in the Baker DNA Study, usually between lines where the common ancestor is in the 1700s, as is the case here. The DNA sequence is also, so far, very rare. These two tested lines match each other but no one else in the entire FTNDA database.

While the tests can't prove Jacob and Adam Jr were brothers, the combination of the tests showing the relationship and the preponderance of historical/genealogical evidence would seem to make a very strong case for that conclusion. I'll not go into all the details at this time (I'll add them later)—here is briefly an overview of some of the data:

1. The DNA tests show a relationship between Jacob Renner of Rockcastle County, KY, and Adam Runner Jr of Warren County, KY, son of Adam Renner/Runner of Montgomery/Wythe County, VA.
2. The ages of Jacob and Adam Jr, and the known daughters of Adam Sr, are such that they could be siblings.
3. According to court documents from Wythe, Adam Sr had a son named Jacob, presumably the Jacob who is in the Wythe County tax lists near Adam.
4. Jacob's children were born in VA.
5. Southwest VA was a common place of origin for area families. For example, the Otts and Fredericks, who settled in Rockcastle, and the Meeces of Pulaski, moved to KY from Wythe. The former were neigbors of the Renner-Runners in Wythe.
6. Almost all of Adam Sr's known children moved to KY after 1800. It looks as if at least one, perhaps two, of Adam's daughters were in Rockcastle in 1810 before moving on to Warren.
7. There is nothing that has come to light that contradicts Jacob being the son of Adam, including the name differences. Both families, in VA and then in KY, were variously called Renner and/or Runner.