Rockcastle County Baptist Association

The Rockcastle Association of United Baptists was formed in 1871 from the Cumberland River Baptist Association. There was no split or disagreement; the new group was formed for geographical reasons. Most churches in the Association were located in Rockcastle County, but some were in Pulaski or Laurel.

Churches would "letter up" yearly to the Association, which would have annual meetings hosted by member churches on a rotating basis. Some churches didn't letter up every year, sometimes depending on how far away from the church the meeting was and whether or not anyone from the church would be able to attend.

Records do not exist for every year, but following is some information on four churches, Line Creek, Mt. Pisgah, Pleasant Valley, and Pine Hill, from 1871 through 1899 for the years available.

An quick note on two of these churches, Mt. Pisgah and Pleasant Valley, is warranted. Neither or these churches exist today. Pleasant Valley was located at Buffalo, the building was most likely adjacent to the Old Buffalo Church Cemetery. It's likely Pleasant Valley was somewhat the precursor to the Buffalo Baptist Church, the latter coming into existence a few years after the former's demise.

Date: 27-28 Oct 1871
Location: Hopewell

Notes: This is the first year for the Rockcastle Association of United Baptists. The original churches in this new association, which was split off the Cumberland River Association for geographic reasons, were: Sinking Valley, Hopewell, Freedom, Friendship, Liberty, Mt. Zion, Zion, Pleasant Hill, Poplar Grove, Damascus, Gum Sulphur, Line Creek, and Pine Hill. Union Rockcastle was dismissed from the Laurel River Association and joined the Rockcastle Association.

Church # of Members Messengers
Line Creek 25 P. Snider, Wm. M. Harper, W. Shiplet
Pine Hill 31 J. Pane, W.M. Suthard, W.J. Callaway

Date: Friday before the 4th Saturday in September, 1872
Location: Damascus
Church # of Members Messengers
Line Creek 40 G.H. McKinney, P. Bullic
Mt. Pisgah 20 R. Woodall, E. Grider
Pine Hill 30 Wm.J. Callaway, C.W. Rutledge, A. Hatter

Date: 4th Saturday in September, 1873
Location: Liberty

Note: E. Meece preached one of the opening sermons.

Church # of Members Messengers
Line Creek 61 P. Snider, P. Bullock, Wm. Bullock, M. Sowder, W.H. Yancy
Mt. Pisgah 33 G.M. McKinney, S. Roberts, E. Grider, C.C. Woodall, S. Row
Pine Hill 24 H.C. Gentry

Date: 4-? Sep 1875
Location: Pleasant Hill

Notes: E. Meece and F.M. Meece were present from the Cumberland River Association.

Church # of Members Messengers
Line Creek 57 Peter Snider, P. Bulock, B. Bulock, B. Bradley, J. Snider, G.M. McKiney, Morgan Sowder
Mt. Pisgah ? J. Francisco, J.F. McKiney, B.F. Prator, J.C. Hays, S. Row, E. Grider
Pleasant Valley 15 G.W. Decker, J. Hammock, H. Taylor
Pine Hill 39 C.W. Rutledge, Wm. Rutledge, Isaac Stong, J.R. Calaway

Church Pastor, Clerk
Line Creek A.G. Whitt, J.J. Snider
Mt. Pisgah not listed*
Pleasant Valley J.B. Abbott (lived in Woodstock), no clerk recorded
Pine Hill M.A. Middleton, W.J. Calloway

*Mt. Pisgah is not listed, but there are several pages of this report missing.

Date: 22-23 Sep 1876
Location: Sinking Valley

Notes: Wm. Shiplett was on committee for religious literature.

E. Meece preached on the first day of the conference. Pine Hill, Pleasant Valley, and Mt. Pisgah did not have Sunday Schools.

"Report on Destitution: The churches are generally supplied with preaching once in each month, except three, which are destitute of pastors, and are demoralized. We have other churches weak and feeble, that have preaching once in each month, but so weak that they are not able to sustain a pastor, or to do but very little for him; besides this we have considerable destitution in our bounds that are not supplied with Baptist preaching. Your committee would recommend for your consideration the propriety of supplying said destitution."

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 61 J.J. Snider P. Snider, P. Bullock, B. Bullock, J.V. Carroll, A. Bradley, E. Bullock, J.J. Snider
Mt. Pisgah 53 R. Woodall C.C. Woodall, Soloman Rowe, Wm. Bullock, B.F. Prator
Pleasant Valley 32 I. Renner Wm. Shiplett, I. Renner, G.W. Decker
Pine Hill 44 W.J. Calloway A.J. Pike, J. Story, C.W. Rutledge, W.J. Calloway, J.R. Calloway, R. Chumly

Date: 23-25 Aug 1877
Location: Freedom

Notes: Rev. A. Whitt gave an essay on foot-washing, in effect saying Baptist churches should do it.

Obituaries for the year:
Pine Hill--Sister Rutlidge
Hopewell--George Towery (12 May 1877)
Seven others, no names listed, various churches

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 62 J.J. Snider John Rash, George Bullock, Willis White
Mt. Pisgah 50 J. Woodall William Bullock, B.F. Prator, Logan McKinney
Pleasant Valley 31 I. Renner F.B. Linville
Pine Hill 44 G.W. Delph Rev. A.J. Pike, W.J. Calloway, G.W. Delph, J.R. Calloway, R. Chumley, C.W. Rutlidge

Date: 22-24 Aug 1878
Location: Pine Hill

Notes: Pine Hill, Pleasant Valley, Line Creek, and Mt. Pisgah had preaching once a month

Obituaries for the year:
Sinking Valley--Drewry Harper (28 Sep 1877), Aaron Inabinett, Thomas Farmer, Elizabeth Pointer, Elizabeth Roberts
Freedom--Jesse Wallin (30 Sep 1877), W.R. Sutton (5 Feb 1878)
Hopewell--Letty Acton (29 Mar 1878)

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 88 J.V. Chaney J.V. Carroll, Jeremiah Randolph, J.S. Randolph
Mt. Pisgah 46 B.F. Prator Rev. C.C. Woodall, Wm. Bullock
Pleasant Valley 31 Ingram Renner Wm. Shiplett, F.B. Linville, Geo. W. Decker, Jas. Nichols
Pine Hill 35 G.W. Delph Rev. A.J. Pike, G.W. Delph, Wm. Rutledge, W.J. Calloway, J.W. Delph

Date: 13-14 Oct 1882
Location: Mount Zion

Note: "One of our committee, Bro. William Shiplett, died in a short time after his appointment"-Committee on Missions

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 90 J. Randolph Jeremiah Randolph, P. Bullock, H. Cheeney
Mt. Pisgah 78 P.D. Colyer Pleasant D. Colyer, W.H. Rowe
Pleasant Valley 66 Ingram Renner Arthur Taylor, Ingram Rennor
Pine Hill 46 R.M. Pike Rev. Andrew J. Pike, B.M Pike, J.R. Calloway, James Baker

Date: 12-13 Oct 1883
Location: Poplar Grove

Notes: Pleasant Valley and a few other churches had "Sunday School in flourishing condition."

Obituaries for the year:
Brodhead--Peter Weaver, John Coffey, Logan Cummins, Sarah J. Middleton, Mary S. Thompson, Martha Padget
Mt. Pisgah--Lucy Grider
Liberty--Judy Warren
Mt. Pleasant--Sarah Ping
Zion--Campbell Watson
Hopewell--Betsy A. Angell
Sinking Valley--Sena Bullock
Mt. Zion--Alice Coffey
Freedom--Nancy Albright, Clemantine Owens, Margaret Gray, Martha Farris, Lucinda Farris, Susan Vanhook

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 88 Jeremiah Randolph Jeremiah Randolph
Mt. Pisgah 80 P.D. Colyer John Grider, B.F. Prater
Pleasant Valley 63 Ingram Renner Ingram Renner, Fountain Decker
Pine Hill 71 Ben. M. Pike Alfred J. Pike, B.M. Pike, George H. Callaway, J.B. Baker

Date: 24-27 Sep 1884
Location: Mt. Pleasant

Obituaries for the year:
Pleasant Valley--Martha Harper, Polly Taylor
Brodhead--Rosa Roberts
Pine Hill--Mary Stallsworth
Mt. Pleasant--William Colyer, Lee Davis, Sarah J. Ping
Pleasant Hill--Mary Harper
Sinking Valley--Mary Burdine
Liberty--Edney Lee
Macedonia--D.H. Burdine
Hopewell--Hariet Betheram, Nancy Cottingim, Sarah B. Carpenter

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 88 J. Randolph Jeremiah Randolph, Perry Bullock
Mt. Pisgah 108 J.F. McKinney C.C. Woodall, W.H. Row, William Renner, Wm. Debord
Pleasant Valley 64 Ingram Renner F.B. Linville, G.W. Decker
Pine Hill 70 Ben. M. Pike A.J. Pike, M.F. Pike, J.R. Calloway, Daniel Griffin

Date: 8-10 Oct 1885
Location: Freedom

Obituaries for the year:
Brodhead--Birdie Albright, Elijah J. Vanderpool, John McCullough
Hickory Grove--William Maddox, Sarah Maddox
Hopewell--H.H. Southard
Mt. Pisgah--Sarah Woodall
Mt. Pleasant--Maranda McQuay, Nancy J. Smith, Mary A. Tate

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 87 Jeremiah Randolph J. Randolph, Perry Bullock, Noah Bullock
Mt. Pisgah 102 J.F. McKinney W.H. Row, William Renner, Joseph Renner
Pleasant Valley 108* Ingram Renner no letter or messenger
Pine Hill 66 Tilford Durham A.J. Pike, Daniel Griffin, M.F. Pike

*This may be an error on the report.

Date: 22-24 Sep 1886
Location: Line Creek

Notes: "Pleasant Valley church failed to send any letter or messenger to our last annual meeting, so we employed Elder J.C. Carmical to go there and hold a meeting of eleven days which resulted in 19 additions, 15 by experience and baptism, 4 by letter and the church greatly revived. Collected there $4.25 and we paid $6.75--amount, $11.00."

Obituaries for the year:
Brodhead--Allen Cummins
Hopewell--Robert Ferguson, Joseph Prewitt
Sinking Valley--E.A. Inabit, Elizabeth Adams, Mary M. Randolph
Freedom--Serena Wallin
Mt. Pisgah--two, no names given
Line Creek--one, no name given

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 103 Jeremiah Randolph J. Randolph, J.B. Carroll, W.N. Bullock, H. Chaney
Mt. Pisgah 135 Eli Dixon C.C. Woodall, W. Renner, H.P. Sexton, W. Kinley
Pleasant Valley 91 Ingram Renner Geo. W. Decker, Ingram Renner, F. Decker, W.R. Smith, W.M. Harper
Pine Hill 52 G.W. Griffin A.J. Pike, Thomas Stollsworth, M.F. Pike, Daniel Griffin

Date: 21-22 Sep 1887
Location: Mt. Pisgah

Notes: There was also a Sunday School convention held at Mt. Pisgah on 20 Sep 1887. It doesn't appear that Mt. Pisgah, Pleasant Valley, or Line Creek had Sunday Schools during the year.

Obituaries for the year:
Brodhead--Ellen Leak
Mt. Pisgah--Elizabeth Gentry, Nancy Sears, Milley Row, Nancy Debord, Joseph Prewitt
Line Creek--Sister C. Bullock
Zion--one, name not given
Hopewell--Lucinda Dixon, Willam Burk
Mt. Pleasant--Amanda Debord
Sinking Valley--Brother S. Stogsdill, Nancy Whitaker
Freedom--Maranda Bullock
Mt. Zion--Nancy Mullins
Poplar Grove--Delphia Hasty, Elizabeth Harrison
Clifty Grove--one, name not given
Macedonia--Jane Branson

Church Messengers
Line Creek J. Randolph, Perry Bullock, Harvey Chaney, Arthur Taylor, J.M. Hall, J.V. Carroll
Mt. Pisgah C.C. Woodall, Eli Dixon, Wm. Kinley, Jr., W.L. McKinney, William Renner, P. Prewitt
Pleasant Valley Johnathan Decker, Ingram Renner
Pine Hill David Griffin

Date: 19-20 Sep 1888
Location: Brodhead

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 127 Jeremiah Randolph Jeremiah Randolph
Mt. Pisgah 127 J.W. Woodall sent letter, but no messenger
Pleasant Valley 59 Ingram Renner J.H. Smith
Pine Hill 57 G.W. Griffin Daniel Griffin, R.B. Mullins

Date: 25-26 Sep 1889
Location: Liberty

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 130 Perry Bullock Jeremiah Randolph, Harvey Chenny
Mt. Pisgah 123 J.W. Woodall C.C. Woodall
Pleasant Valley 57 Ingram Renner not mentioned
Pine Hill 61 G.W. Griffin James Baker

Date: 24-25 Sep 1890
Location: Hopewell

Notes: Ingram Renner (Pleasant Valley) and other brethren "vouched for ten cents from each male member in the churches named" for missions.

Obituaries for the year:
Hopewell--John Rash, Malinda Overbay, Sallie Southard, Martha Towery
Mt. Zion--Levi Smith, Lucinda Gibson, Charity Smith
Freedom--Rev. Jesse Tyree
Poplar Grove--Mary Thompson
Sinking Valley--Elijah Bullock, Milford Bullock, Elizabeth Whiteaker
Hickory Grove--George Sigman, Henry Maddock, Georgia Herald
Pleasant Valley--one, name not given
Broadhead--Arthusa Harden, Samantha Phelps, Robert Tyree
Hawk Creek--Lucretia Lickliter, Margaret Ray
Mt. Vernon--Kizziah Arnold
Zion--two, names not given
Mt. Pisgah--one, name not given
Pine Hill--one name not given
Liberty--William L. Denny

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 134 Jeremiah Randolph Jeremiah Randall, Arthur Taylor, Madison McKinney, Harvey Chaney, Noah Bullock, Perry Bullock, Willis White
Mt. Pisgah 115 J.W. Woodall Rev. C.C. Woodall, Eli. Dixon, J.D. Bullock, Robert Tacket
Pleasant Valley 53 I. Renner Ingram Renner, G.A. Smith
Pine Hill 75 R.B. Mullins James Baker, Daniel Griffin, Reuben Mullins

Date: 23-24 Sep 1891
Location: Pine Hill

Notes: "Committee upon Queries reports from Hawk Creek church wanting to know the Scripture upon foot washing, would refer them to John 13 chapter and its bearings in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. As to the Querie from Mt. Pisgah church is foot washing a church ordinance, we would answer no. We think if it had been intended as a church ordinance that the Apostle Paul, Peter, and others would have told us to so regard it and as they did not this association being only as advisory body, cannot make a law in any manner whatever, therefore we think this matter does not come under the rules or usages of the association, but is exclusively a business for each church to settle between it and its God. If any wish to wash feet let them do so, but not to use it as a church ordinance."

Obituaries for the year:
Brodhead--Sallie Barton, Oliver Ross
Liberty--Celia Reynolds
Pine Hill--Mary Jane Cottinghim
Farview--Henderson Morgan
Zion--Alfred Rowland, Mary Rowland, Susan Johnson, David Farris, Jane Gordon
Hawk Creek--Nancy Whitt
Hickory Grove--James Baker, Harvey Sword, Stephen W. Pigg, Robert Riddle, Dailor Ann Doyle
Macedonia--Lucy Johnson, Nancy Norton, Wm. French (27 Jan 1891)
Freedom--Ballinger Mullins, Mary J. Mullins
Mt. Pisgah--Sarah Tacket
Conway--Sister Johnson
Hopewell--Elizabeth Pitman
Line Creek--Sarah A. McKinney
Pleasant Hill--John T. Moore (5 Feb 1891)

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 131 J.V. Carroll Jeremiah Randolph
Mt. Pisgah 137 J.W. Woodall Thomas Row, J.D. Bullock and wife, Eldridge Dyer, Robert Tacket, John Renner
Pleasant Valley 46 I. Renner Ingram Renner
Pine Hill 85 R.B. Mullins David Griffin, Rebecca Mullins, Joseph Southard, Mat Pike, Frank Cottinghim

Date: 21 Sep 1892
Location: Zion

Note: The Association voted to "employ an evangelist for three months, and agree to make up to him what he lacks collecting upon the filed, one dollar per day." W.G. Capps was selected as evangelist and it was then voted to "appoint one Brother or Sister in each Church to work with the said evangelist at their respective churches." Ingram Renner was appointed for Pleasant Valley, J.D. Bullock for Mt. Pisgah.

Church # of Members Messengers
Line Creek 130 J. Randolph, Harvey Chaney, Perry Bullock, Henry Bullock, A. Taylor
Mt. Pisgah 137* not listed
Pleasant Valley 46* not listed
Pine Hill 86 David Griffin

*These numbers may be from the previous year.

Church Pastor, Clerk
Line Creek John C. Carmical, J.V. Carroll
Mt. Pisgah John C. Carmical, G.W. Woodall
Pleasant Valley E.M. Tate, I. Renner
Pine Hill no pastor listed, W. Cottinghim

Date: 4-6 Sep 1894
Location: Line Creek

Notes: Although no mention is made of messengers from Pleasant Valley being present, both E.M. Tate (pastor in 1893) and F.B. Linville are appointed to committees.

"Committee upon Destitution reported: We have about 9 churches that did not letter up to this Association this year, and many others in a languishing condition."

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 148 J.V. Carroll J.R. Randolph, Harvey Chaney, J.V. Carroll, Peter Snyder, Perry Bullock, J.M. Mayfield, A. Saylor
Mt. Pisgah 118 Joel.W. Woodall Wm. Kinley, Green McKinney, Wm. McKinney
Pleasant Valley 46* I. Renner not listed
Pine Hill 85* W. Cottinghim not listed

*These numbers are most likely from the previous year.

Date: 3-5 Sep 1895
Location: Mt. Zion

Church # of Members Messengers
Line Creek 138 J.V. Carroll, Harvey Chaney
Mt. Pisgah 118 not listed
Pleasant Valley not listed not listed
Pine Hill 86 not listed

Date: 8-10 Sep 1896
Location: Flat Rock

Note: "We beg leave to report as follows: Brethren we have four churches in the southern part of this Association that are destitute of preaching: Hopewell, Mt. Pisgah, Pleasant Valley, and Pine Hill."

Church # of Members Messengers
Line Creek 138 J. Randolph, Harvey Chaney, Perry Bullock
Mt. Pisgah 118 not listed
Pleasant Valley not listed not listed
Pine Hill 86 M.F. Pike, Daniel Griffin

Evidently, the numbers from the previous year were used.

Date: 7-9 Sep1897
Location: Mt. Vernon

Note: Line Creek Sunday School reported 34 enrolled with an average attendance of 23.

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek 137 J.V. Carroll Randolph and wife, Harvey Chaney, Perry Bullock, W.H. Bullock and wife, James Chaney and wife, A. Dugger
Mt. Pisgah 100 not listed not listed
Pleasant Valley not listed not listed not listed
Pine Hill 12 W. Cottinghim David Griffin, Matt Pike and wife

Date: 6-8 Sep 1898
Location: Sinking Valley

Note: Line Creek had reorganized its Sunday School on April 24, 1898, with 67 pupils, average attendance was 50.

"We your Committee on Destitution report as follows, we understand that Livingston is without a Baptist Church and destitute of Baptist Preaching and that some Baptist Churches in the bounds of this Association are without regular preaching, we would recommend that this Association look after and provide for this destitution."

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek not listed J.V. Carroll Jerry Randolph, J.V. Carroll, Harvey Chaney, Willis White, Perry Bullock, Arthur Taylor
Mt. Pisgah not listed not listed not listed
Pleasant Valley not listed not listed not listed
Pine Hill not listed W.H. Cottinghim Daniel Griffin, G.W. Cope

Pastor at Line Creek was S. Holt. Pastor at Pine Hill was Wm. Williams

Date: 5-7 Sep 1899
Location: Poplar Grove

Church # of Members Clerk Messengers
Line Creek not listed J.V. Carroll Jeremiah Randolph, Harvey Chaney, James Chaney, Arthur Taylor, Geo. N. Harper, Geo. Bullock
Mt. Pisgah not listed not listed James DeBord, Wm. McKinley
Pleasant Valley not listed not listed not listed
Pine Hill not listed W.H. Cottinghim P.H. Wolcomb, Daniel Griffin