Tax Lists on CD--Samples

Below are links to some actual samples from the tax list and vitals cds. These sample files only contain one page; the actuals files have hundred of pages each.

Like any original source documents from the 18th and 19th centuries, the readability can vary quite a bit from document to document, year to year, page to page. Accordingly, some of these samples are better than others.

All the images on the actual CDs are high-resolution scans of the archived microfilm. The images haven't been manipulated, so they are reproductions of the microfilm, which was scanned from the original records. Tax list data for some counties for some years are not available.

--Pulaski County, 1802
--Pulaski County, 1861
--Lincoln County, 1804
--Laurel County, 1828
--Laurel County, 1840
--Rockcastle County, 1814
--Rockcastle County, 1822
--Rockcastle County Births, 1857

If you have any questions about the images or problems viewing these samples, please send me an email.