Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

The Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church is one of the oldest in Pulaski County, being organized in 1804 probably as a mission of Flat Lick Baptist Church.

The first church was a log structure and at least four church buildings have stood on today's site (on Hwy 461 at the Pulask-Rockcastle County line).

From 1821-1853 there were more women members than men at Mt. Pleasant (63 percent women, 37 percent men). This ratio probably held for most churches of the period.

Below are some individuals who were early members at Mt. Pleasant. The date in parenthesis indicates the earliest date the person appears on the membership list. Much more information is on file at the Pulaski County Historical Society.

It should be noted that some of these people were later members at Skaggs Creek Baptist Church, including several of the Bakers and Jesse Tyree.

Arnold, Manerva (1853)
Baker, Andrew (1842)
Baker, Andrew Jr (1853)
Baker, Elizabeth (1842)
Baker, Elizabeth Jr (1842)
Baker, Harris H (1853)
Baker, Joel (1842)
Baker, Lydia (1842)
Baker, Maranda (1853)
Baker, Mary J (1853)
Baker, Paulina (1853)
Baker, Sarah (1842)
Bloomer, Jesse D (1853)
Bloomer, Rachel (1853)
Bloomer, William (1842)
Bray, Benjamin (1842)
Bray, Louisa (1842)
Bray, Mary (1853)
Bray, Mary Jr (1853)
Cotton, James (1842)
Evans, Samuel (1821)
Grider, Elijah (1834)
Grider, John (1842)
Grider, Mary (1842)
Grider, Sarah (1834)
Minks, Lucy (1853)
Nichols, Jemima (1821)
Tyree, Jesse (1842)
Warren, Sarah (1834)